Herman Cain scandal?

I’m still not sure this is even worth talking about, but here goes. Last week, Politico came out with an article claiming that Herman Cain had sexually harassed two women. That number is now up to four. Only the fourth woman has said in public what she claims Cain actually did to her. (For those that don’t know Politico supports President Obama’s bid for reelection. So that’s where they stand politically.)

To summarize we have three women who won’t even say what happened, one who says Cain grabbed her genitals, forced her head towards his crotch, threatened to fire her for not complying, and NO evidence beyond he said/she said. I can only hope that people will remember that he has not been found guilty, no corroborating details have been provided, and that sexual harassment claims are a tool easily abused. As Ann Coulter put it “If the details helped liberals, we’d have the details. “(By the way she has a better article on this than I do.)

Also, even if he did do as he is currently accused of. He is no Bill Clinton, who it is fairly clear (despite a lack of charges) rapped at least one woman and lied under oath about a long term affair with a young unpaid intern.

On the upside at least the DNC smear machine is learning. For example, if you can only find one person who claims to sexually harassed by a particular black conservative in professional setting (like what happened with Clarence Thomas) claim that you have more who won’t show their faces.



We now have some details and a second accuser. Still no corroborating evidence that I know of.