Personhood amendments

Personhood USA is a group that I would like to mention. They are currently working to pass state amendments declaring an unborn child to be a human being.

This would effectively ban any and all artificially induced abortion procedures. If unborn children are people, then abortion is murder. It’s also, genocide since most abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. The law on this point is currently very muddled since on the one hand you can get an abortion, but on the other hand if a pregnant woman is hit so that the fetus dies, then the person doing the hitting can be charged with manslaughter.

The person hood amendments are basically pro-lifers taking the basics of their argument and getting them codified into law. I’m not sure why this wasn’t tried before, but it should have been.

I expect that if these get passed, and they get all the way to the supreme court, then they should be upheld.