What really happened with the “neck stomping”?

When this first came out I simply pointed to the fact that this was one violent reaction by conservative versus dozens of violent actions by liberals (not counting abortion). I have recently come across new evidence in relation to this instance, hat tip to Ann Coulter. This video shows a person with a wig rushed the car with Congressman Rand Paul in it, shoved her sign in and then after being pushed back tried to go around and have another go at it. She gets dragged to the ground and is still struggling to get loose when a bystander (who apparently was a volunteer with the Congressman Paul) puts his foot on what appears to be her shoulder and gives her a push.

Unlike has been claimed his foot is on her shoulder not her head.

Further, considering the attack on representative Giffords earlier this year by an armed lunatic I find the amount of restraint shown by the Paul supporters in their treatment of this strange person in a blatantly fake wig and loose-fitting clothes (where a gun could easily be concealed) to be a refreshing change from the beatings, bitings,pieing, wine splashing, etc that conservatives (famous ones, unknown ones, and those who may or may not be conservative themselves but someone else decided that they were) are generally subject to without police interference or charges being filed against the assailants.