Are all sins equal?

Is all food equal? My understanding is that in order to get to God’s presence we must be sin free, either by our own avoidance of sins or by Christs paying for ours.

Inversely we must as humans consume a certain amount of calories to survive. Yet we don’t ask if all meals are equal. Humanity has (in general) realized that not a foods are equally good for you. A handful of candy corn is not as beneficial as a salad, even if we carefully measure both so that the number of calories is the same. This is because there is more going on in our bodies that just calories.

Just as not all foods are equally good for us, not all sin is as equally harmful. We need a certain amount of food to survives, but not all food is as good for us. We must avoid all sins to be in a relationship with God (based solely on our own work), but some do more harm to our relationship with him than others.

Thank God for his Son’s paying our debt.

But, of course, my metaphor can only go so far in explaining reality.