Keystone pipeline gone?

I don’t think it’s too late to hope we can change their minds and get them to build it after all. The Canadians seem to want to remind us that they do have more than one option. In bad news this is not the first time they have signaled their willingness to send the oil to the asian market instead of our gulf refineries.

In order for us to get this still we need to get our bureaucrats to work on clearing the red tape for this to go forward. We need to call the obstructionist environmentalists what they are, traitors. They would rather see Americans starving and jobless while Chinese industries grow on the oil from Canada. This is by definition treason and treachery.

And no they do not just have mixed up priorities (ie. valuing the environment over people and jobs). The chinese are worse to their environment than we are to ours. (Three Gorges dam anyone?) We need to quit giving these people political clout and instead show them the door.