Interesting… meh, not really.

Is anybody surprised that the Herman Cain scandal is no longer a big deal now that he isn’t at the front of the GOP primary pack? The more I learn of this scandal the more it looks like a manufactured story aimed at tarnishing a GOP candidate who would’ve made the ridiculous nature of the claims of republican racism obvious to anybody who is willing to think about them.

Yes, there are still new articles being posted that show up in Google news, but they are primarily editorial in nature or are primarily on sexual harassment in the work place. So basically nobody in the mainstream media cares about this case for it’s own merits and it will be ignored unless or until Cain gets to the front in the polls again.


Herman Cain scandal?

I’m still not sure this is even worth talking about, but here goes. Last week, Politico came out with an article claiming that Herman Cain had sexually harassed two women. That number is now up to four. Only the fourth woman has said in public what she claims Cain actually did to her. (For those that don’t know Politico supports President Obama’s bid for reelection. So that’s where they stand politically.)

To summarize we have three women who won’t even say what happened, one who says Cain grabbed her genitals, forced her head towards his crotch, threatened to fire her for not complying, and NO evidence beyond he said/she said. I can only hope that people will remember that he has not been found guilty, no corroborating details have been provided, and that sexual harassment claims are a tool easily abused. As Ann Coulter put it “If the details helped liberals, we’d have the details. “(By the way she has a better article on this than I do.)

Also, even if he did do as he is currently accused of. He is no Bill Clinton, who it is fairly clear (despite a lack of charges) rapped at least one woman and lied under oath about a long term affair with a young unpaid intern.

On the upside at least the DNC smear machine is learning. For example, if you can only find one person who claims to sexually harassed by a particular black conservative in professional setting (like what happened with Clarence Thomas) claim that you have more who won’t show their faces.



We now have some details and a second accuser. Still no corroborating evidence that I know of.

Personhood amendments

Personhood USA is a group that I would like to mention. They are currently working to pass state amendments declaring an unborn child to be a human being.

This would effectively ban any and all artificially induced abortion procedures. If unborn children are people, then abortion is murder. It’s also, genocide since most abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. The law on this point is currently very muddled since on the one hand you can get an abortion, but on the other hand if a pregnant woman is hit so that the fetus dies, then the person doing the hitting can be charged with manslaughter.

The person hood amendments are basically pro-lifers taking the basics of their argument and getting them codified into law. I’m not sure why this wasn’t tried before, but it should have been.

I expect that if these get passed, and they get all the way to the supreme court, then they should be upheld.

Are all sins equal?

Is all food equal? My understanding is that in order to get to God’s presence we must be sin free, either by our own avoidance of sins or by Christs paying for ours.

Inversely we must as humans consume a certain amount of calories to survive. Yet we don’t ask if all meals are equal. Humanity has (in general) realized that not a foods are equally good for you. A handful of candy corn is not as beneficial as a salad, even if we carefully measure both so that the number of calories is the same. This is because there is more going on in our bodies that just calories.

Just as not all foods are equally good for us, not all sin is as equally harmful. We need a certain amount of food to survives, but not all food is as good for us. We must avoid all sins to be in a relationship with God (based solely on our own work), but some do more harm to our relationship with him than others.

Thank God for his Son’s paying our debt.

But, of course, my metaphor can only go so far in explaining reality.