A small film group has made a film called Farmageddon. Their previews imply that small organic farmers are being harrassed by various government entities with the apparent goal of drivng them out of business in favor of those farms that produce the standard grocery store type food. This fits with the grocery store unions heavy donations to various political parties. You pay the people who give theorders and write the rules they send the swat team over to “assisst” in searching the farm for ‘dangerous’ substances (regardless of the regulatory powers right to ban them) and in the mean time terrorize the family and employees of the farmers. Sounds like abuse of power to me.


2 thoughts on “Farmageddon

  1. It is apparent that the regime is attempting to weaken the Republic by employing any and all techniques to absorb private property from citizens. Loss of property = loss of property rights = communism!

  2. Sounds believable, but is it really? I have also noticed new products claiming martyr dom status without any real suffering. Is there anyone out there who raises organic produce on their farm who can weigh in and give testimony to real harassment or to a real lack of harassment?

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